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Press Releases

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There’s nothing more effective in the world of traditional and web journalism than a well crafted press release. Not only does it capture a message clearly but it also gives businesses a sense of professionalism. Although their effectiveness has changed recently in terms of Seo, they still a prove to be a great way to get the word out as well as to build a diverse link profile.

This is why we believe you should hand over all your press release needs to our team of dedicated copywriters.


What does an effective press release entail?

  1. An effective press release is newsworthy. Most media outlets receive a tonne of information in a day. In order for your press release to stand out and capture the attention of editors, sales executives and journalists one has to ensure that they put together an interesting piece
  2. It should be well formatted. A press release captures the essence of professionalism and should therefore be well edited and free of error. Every detail of the release should therefore be well coordinated in order to meet the high standards that media outlets expect.
  3. It should be optimized. The digital revolution has brought along with it a number of changes that only experienced copywriters can reveal. These include search engine optimization, encryption and a host of other standards. An effective press release in these modern times should take all these changes into account.


Why should I entrust a copy-writing firm with my press release needs?

  1. Professionalism. Our copywriters are highly skilled in the art of putting together an effective press release. They are well trained and have experience across a variety of industries and their related media outlets. This ensures that all the work done is of the highest quality thereby increasing its effectiveness. If copywriting was a sport our team would have probably won the Olympic gold for it.
  2. Save time and money. Putting together press releases and distributing them is a time consuming job, if you are involved in the running and operation of a business then you’ll probably not have time for it. It is therefore more convenient to hand over all your needs for us to fulfill. Our rates are fair and flexible enabling even small business owners to enjoy a range of services without burning a hole through your pocket.
  3. Distribution.This is a factor that most businesses never take into account until the last minute. Getting your press release onto blogs, websites, magazines and other related news agencies won’t be easy without a few connections. Save yourself some energy and let us go through that trouble for you.
  4. Reliability. Chances are that once you’ve put out one press release your business will need more in the future. In this case we are happy to offer your business continued services in the long run.

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