What Is Copyright?

okay so just this one line then in a couple different ways yep okay ready what is copyright what is copyright what you talked about copyright stop once and what.

copyright is what D is G copyright cause the creative process isn’t easy and sometimes is downright ugly I quit so when things work out and you have a finished product chances are you be.

it’s pretty annoyed or something stolen from you luckily we have a little something called copyright which brings us back to our original question what is copyright well.

basically this copyright is the exclusive right of a creator to exposure literary Musical or other artistic work whether it be recorded in the form of print audio video or otherwise so what does that mean for you well that means it from the moment.

you create something it’s yours and yours only so whether you’re a rock star or an up-and-comer in oscar winner more in the director of your frisky fill in acclaimed poet or hopeless romantic a brilliant picture form after the selfie the baby created go on to you and.

you have the exclusive right to do what you offer them tell us more copyright also means being aware of and respecting the right develop theater and that can be tough especially with social media file sharing and of course the internet internet internet internet the Internet in general copyright rules to live by number one make sure.

you have a basic idea what copyright does and does not protect number two if you’re not sure whether or not something is copyrighted don’t use it it’s one of those better safe than sorry situations number three do not download illegal.

music – moving for anything else from the internet I know it’s easy to think that all artists are millionaires and don’t need the money but there are a lot more people involved in the creative process than you might think and most of them rely on sales to feed their.

family number four ask if you want to use somebody else’s work contact the copyright holder there are a lot of artists again small who are willing to give permission to speed another entrepreneur and finally number five make it yourself because hey creativity is good for the soul and B nobody can resist an artist we are truly sorry that you had to see that so get up there he created and respect to create the video copyright Roy Moulton 2013