hello everyone I’m making this video to show you how to remove copyright claims from your videos and enable monetization on them again now

this video is obviously mostly for YouTube partners and it’s only for audio so we’re talking about copyrighted music or any other sort of copyrighted audio content keep in mind that this will not be disputing the claim but straight up removing it and one more thing as far as I remember I believe

I’m right when I tell you that it’s only available on videos that have less than 10,000 views so here’s what you have to do you pick a video that has this copyright claim let’s say this video has the claim and you go here to the Edit drop-down box and you click audio now unfortunately right now

I don’t have a video with a copyright claim so I’ll just have to kind of show you the things that are actually not visible so down here on this very screen

you will have on the left corner the name of the song or whatever audio content has been claimed and on the right side here you will see a button that says remove song or remove music or something like that you have to click that button and then click save once you click Save it will take probably a few hours to process the video and afterwards it will remove the copyrighted music and overall it’s a

good option because it doesn’t remove the sound the whole sound in that section it just removes the music now keep in mind that the quality of your audio I guess it depends on the volume of the music and the volume of the other sound but the overall quality of the the whole audio in that sector of the video will be decreased but not so much it will not be to the point where it’s unwatchable rather unhearable if you speak during that music your voice will still be fluid enough and I like it I’ve used it on couple of videos and I like how it works so we have to wait a few hours and when it’s process you have to re-enable monetization on this video and again I believe it is not available on videos that have more than 10,000 views so I hope that helped you that’s all I had to say thanks for watching stay tuned and be good